9 Best Foods To Boost Your Brain Function And Memory

5 Ways To Overcome Loneliness

The current pandemic has created many unwanted consequences. One is the need to isolate, to be distant from friends, relatives and co-workers. As many businesses have shifted to a virtual workforce, most of us have lost the benefit of daily social connections.

4 Types of Narcissism Share a Core Trait

There are four major types of narcissism. Researchers have been hunting for the core of narcissism that all narcissists share despite varying symptoms and severity. Narcissists use a variety of tactics and defenses to keep you insecure and ensure their status and their needs are met.

How Are the Men in Your Life?

‘It’s not the men in your life that counts. It’s the life in your men.” When actress Mae West made that comment it was meant to be a saucy innuendo, designed to raise a laugh. Today I’m turning that somewhat risque remark on its head and asking ‘how are the men in your life?’ Men’s mental health has become an area of increasing concern.

Emotional Haunting

Our lives are shaped by the cumulative experiencing throughout our lives. How we cope today is impacted by how we learned to cope in the past, and the current stressors in our lives. During times of extreme stress, it may feel as if we’re being haunted by past stressors, so finding a way to cope is an imperative for survival.

Corona – The Predator and The Prey

It is time our medical and political leaders realized that they have much greater responsibilities than just saving lives in this coronavirus crisis. This article is intended to point out those responsibilities and wake them.

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