Bianxiao Cui, Stanford University, USA
Bianxiao Cui

Bianxiao Cui is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Chicago under the supervision of Prof. Stuart Rice, working on dynamic heterogeneity and phase transition in colloidal liquid.  After completing Ph.D., she worked as a postdoctoral scholar with Prof. Steven Chu on single molecule imaging of nerve growth factor signal transduction in neurons. She joined the faculty of Stanford University, Department of Chemistry in 2008.  Her main area of interest is to develop nanoscale tools to study electrophysiology and signal transduction in neurons at normal conditions and in neurodegenerative diseases. In particular, she focuses on developing (1) nano-electrodes to detect action potential propagation in neurons and cardiomyocytes and (2) nanoparticle optical sensors to measure cargo transport in axons. Her recent awards and distinctions include NIH New Innovator Award, NSF CAREER award, NSF Inspire award, Packard Fellowships in Science and Engineering, Hellman Scholar, Searle Scholar Award and Dreyfus New Faculty award.

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